Enough Cycling Collective

Enough is a cycling collective born from a pretty simple idea: a bike is enough to be happy!
They started the journey in 2021 with a group of eight cyclists, participating – and sometimes winning – in major events and races around the world. They like to have fun and tell stories with a fresh and simple angle.
In December 2022, I was contacted by Federico, founder of Enough Cycling Collective, who asked me if I would be interested in collaborating with them to design the team’s visual image for the new year.


With their philosophy in mind, I started working on the applications by designing the visual identity: colors, typography and layout. The payoff "Great things happen in between" is represented by a sans-serif typography combined with a script font that breaks the linearity. With the central asset given by Pas Normal Studios, I designed the official T-shirt and the water bottle. Here are the logo, the claim and two different cuts of the pattern for more dynamicity. Then I worked in parallel on a typographic treatment that would pick up the movement of the asset.
To help the team communicate more massively, especially during different events, I designed 5 stickers that contain the logo, claim and a call to action to the official manifesto.
Finally, I designed a visual format for social media communication. Starting from the official 2023 calendar, to the Instagram stories that were used during the events.
Design asset by: Pas Normal Studios
Smile design by: Anna Kollmann-Suhr

Photo courtesy by:
Anna Kollmann-Suhr @annakollmannsuhr
Lukas Piel @lukaspiel.cc
Chiara Redaschi @chiara_redaschi