Geomont Srl

Geomont Srl is an Italian company, based in Lecco, engaged in prevention, risk mitigation and safety of the territory since 1990. Using mountaineering techniques and work at high altitudes, equipment specially designed for unfavorable situations and environments – even in the absence of scaffolding – with the helicopter, Geomont is able to face any intervention even in the logistically most anomalous and complicated situations.

Based on the historical corporate colours, we designed the website starting from the concept of the wire mesh. Hence the idea of ​​having all the textual and photographic contents supported by a graphical grid.
The primary typeface used is Space Grotesk: sans-serif, optimized for better readability, gives the website a technical and geometric aspect, taking up the rigidity of the grid.
As Geomont grew and evolved, so did their vision and how they want to be perceived. To help craft an online presence that could reflect those intentions we were invited to design a digital and responsive website.
Concept: Sam Sala Studio, Arturo Colombo, Alessandro Vanossi
Art Direction: Sam Sala Studio
Graphic Design, UI Design: Sam Sala Studio, Arturo Colombo
Copywrite: Alessandro Vanossi

Photography: Andrea Lops
Sviluppo sito: Odon Airoldi