Met Helmets Urbex Campaign

Together with the MET Helmets team, we designed the visual identity and assets for the new Urbex campaign. The modern and minimal design of this new helmet is inspired by a new generation of cyclists who are changing urban mobility. Made safer by NTA certification, the Urbex is fully equipped with features that ensure comfort, visibility and ease of use. For the campaign we collaborated with Matéo Montero aka Rawance, French DJ and owner of a Rome-based record label, to hit a young and dynamic target. The whole identity wants to inspire and attract a new generation of cyclists, reminding them to always wear a helmet. We chose an identifying red color based on the rear lights of the cars, enhancing their movement.

Visual identity: Sam Sala Studio
Director: Achille Mauri
Cinematography: Stefano Steno
Music by: Andrea La Pietra
Sound Designer: Tommaso Simonetta
Starring: Rawmance
Voice: Rawmance