Mylink Sunglasses

Mylink Visionary is a brand of premium sunglasses created
in 2015 in Encinitas, California. Born from the need to customize sunglasses
in the easiest and quickest way possible — Mylink products feature a hinge with
two magnets that allow you to change temples in less than a second.

Concept, logo design and payoff

Starting from a unique product we worked on the brand & tone of voice guidelines, with a new payoff and a strong visual language, then we focused on the ‘Thinker Rethink’ campaign creating appealing social media contents. As Mylink strives to move forward, we felt it was time to revisit the logo combining the existing one with their products’ uniqueness (magnets and their immediacy, dynamicity & versatility).


Concept: Alessandro Vanossi, Sam Sala

Art Direction, Graphic Design: Sam Sala
Copywrite: Alessandro Vanossi

Photography: Rachele Daminelli

Metalsmith: Andrea Citterio
Models: Loris Diotti, Paola Gatti, Diana Gianola, Latif, Naomi Oke