Nutramy SA

NUTRAMY SA is a high quality nutraceuticals company based in Switzerland
that aspires to give a tangible contribution to health.

With this objective in mind, they intend to educate people on a healthy
daily lifestyle, evaluate clinical data via rigorous analyses and provide
natural remedies to help clients in their prevention and strengthening processes.

Concept, logo design and payoff

In order to achieve their stated goals we worked on a communication that does not create doubts. Rather, it clarifies them. The whole visual identity was designed from the beginning to meet the demands of ongoing digitalization, creating a clear and effective communication through a brand color system, icons, packaging, website and e-commerce.
As part of Nutramy’s goal was to educate on the topic of Prevention and Natural Medicine, along with their experts and doctors, we created articles, papers and videos based on the brand services and philosophy.

Typography and icons

We designed a simple and consistent icon set based on the chosen fonts.

Packaging design

Once you’ve created the perfect products, it’s time to focus on how they will be presented to customers. That’s why we worked on an effective way to become memorable, using a clean, slick and monochrome design which takes inspiration from the brand’s digital identity.

Company catalog

Printed on OldMill paper and divided in three languages (French, Italian, German).

Website UI design

Nutramy wanted more interactive presence in the web, so we created an all-new, clean and modern website and e-commerce store.

Social strategy and campaigns

The brand campaign “The knowledge of yourself is our priority” purpose was to go straight to the point in a functional and meaningful way.
Concept, Art Direction, Graphic Design: Wefouragency, Sam Sala, Dalila Capelli
Copywrite: Wefouragency, Alessandro Vanossi

Printer house: PROGRAF soluzioni grafiche
Web agency: Sourceway SAGL
Video: Tommaso Tagliaferri, Klima Collective

Sound Design: Andrea Colosio